Bethel Sozo

Thank you so much for my SOZO. It was an amazing time. I woke this morning feeling positive and full of joy in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. Rather than waking up covered in negativity, I lay there enjoying and knowing the cleanliness and cosiness of my new white robe with the sun shining on me.

Sozo Attendee

I found the SOZO really helpful. You are so lovely and I felt safe and supported. I felt peace and a huge sense of relief afterwards and my family have noticed how much calmer I seem and I have not struggled with hopelessness, isolation or depression at all. I found the things that God spoke to me already coming into fulfilment which just amazes me.

Sozo Attendee

Your room was filled with a strong anointing. I felt God’s power deep inside of me and whatever God did I cannot put it into words. I have had a special week of renewed, deeper intimacy with Jesus and God’s presence.

Sozo Attendee

Bethel Sozo Ministry Application1

If you would like a personal SOZO ministry time you can fill out this form and someone will contact you to make the actual appointment with you.

Thank you!


Are you currently under any secular profession for emotional issues? E.g. GP, counsellor, hypnotherapist?

Do you attend a life group, cell group or home group?

If not we strongly recommend you find one. We recommend that you share with someone you trust what happened during your Sozo so that you will have someone to pray with and hold you accountable (this person should not be who you consider your “best friend”).

Will you be able to fast or pray during the week before your Sozo? Ask the Lord what He wants you to fast, e.g. it may be one meal a day or fasting watching TV.

Please download and read the ‘Liability Release Form’ linked in the button below this form. Please tick to confirm you have read, understood and agree with this form – this is required for your SOZO ministry time to go ahead.

1The Bethel Sozo Ministry used is modelled on the Sozo Ministry of the Transformation Centre at Bethel Church, Redding CA 96003, USA (