Got questions?

Life is full of all sorts of challenges and unexpected turns, sometimes they appear as seemingly little bumps in the road and at other times as huge road blocks with no way round them.

The current global Covid-19 crisis is an excellent example of how we can all face the unexpected at different stages in our lives.

When we face such challenges and moments of crisis we may find that certain questions that have lain dormant for many years start to rise to the surface.

Questions about life’s meaning and purpose;
Questions about pain and suffering;
Questions about death.

What are we to do with these questions as they arise? Ignore them or explore them?

Many people may feel that life has moved on in such incredible ways and made such vast advances that Christianity is irrelevant to our everyday lives today. What place is there for faith, especially faith in a carpenter who was crucified over two thousand years ago?

We believe, along with many millions worldwide, that in Jesus Christ our deepest questions are answered and more importantly our deepest needs as human beings are met.

We hope that you choose to explore further and that you find the content below helpful.

Personal stories from people who have encountered Jesus…