Group Leaders

Group leaders help those they lead to become mature followers of Jesus Christ as we gather, grow and go together.

Ideas & Resources

You might consider:

  • Joining with another group socially, evangelistically, or for joint worship.
  • Going away for a day, or weekend together.
  • Prayer walking.
  • Eating together.
  • All reading the same book, which becomes the focus of discussion when you come together.
  • Learn from what other groups get up to.
  • Running an Alpha as a group.
  • Hosting a game’s night.
  • Hosting parties together.
  • Having a film night.
  • Having a worship evening.
  • Having testimony evenings.
  • Invite different people to come and share a specific teaching with your group.
  • Committing to various courses.
  • Meet in public spaces such as pubs or coffee houses.